Launching Market Finder, a free tool for brands to find the right market for their product

By Gautam Mehra, Co-founder, ProfitWheel 

We are delighted to launch our product – Market Finder to help marketers to create targeted strategies. Market Finder is an intelligent market locator that is based on audience insights – information that can be amplified with advertisers’ first-party data sets to find markets globally with similar mandates. Once the advertiser knows existing users’ behavior and other attributes using the ProfitWheel technology, they can then use the information to expand to markets that are most likely to respond well to their product and offerings. 

This is ground-breaking, as it will enable advertisers to create meaningful, profit-oriented, and more relevant strategies to reach deeper within their markets. The product has been launched with two versions; one, an Enterprise Version and the other a Free Version. The Enterprise version will leverage first party data while the free version will leverage behavioural signals only. The product is programmed to deep dive to cull out relevant information, thereby helping gain audience insights from both states and cities, across geographies. That depth of scale gives the product an advantage and makes it more valuable for advertisers.

At ProfitWheel, we are focused on helping brands match the right advertising with the right consumer in the most privacy-compliant manner. We understand that marketers need to make difficult choices – finding the right markets to enter, the right audiences to go after, what products to promote, improving channel performance and what content to create. Our goal is to simplify this by equipping them with relevant insights that help them make intelligent decisions. 

Currently, brands use intelligence tools based on search signals. While these have worked well in the past, the new age customer journey is constantly evolving and alternatives are needed that address behavioural signals as well. With our latest product, Market Finder, we are specifically helping brands that are looking to expand into newer markets. By finding the right market for their products, we help brands achieve maximum profitability and accuracy on their marketing spends. In the coming months, we will be launching products that address various challenges that marketers face on a daily basis.

ProfitWheel’s technology platforms are built to help service customers across the globe, industries, and business segments. The company’s cookieless technology and emphasis on first-party data make it innovative and perceptive in an otherwise overcrowded tech space.

You can access the product here:

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