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ProfitWheel’s technology finds you more profitable customers cost-effectively. Across digital the digital landscape. Globally. Get in-depth understanding of what markets you should focus on, which audiences to go after and how to navigate the competitive product landscape.

About ProfitWheel

Globally, in every industry, only a small fraction of customers drive the bulk of profit for a company and its brands. Wouldn't it be great, if there was a way to easily get insights about these profitable customers and effectively reach out to more such customers? And outperform your competitors on the business ratios (CAC / CPA / ROAS) that matter most. Wait no more!

At its core, ProfitWheel makes digital more effective by helping you identify the most profitable customers & markets by using your existing 1st party / CRM data and combining it with a cohort-based, privacy safe enrichment process across digital platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Youtube.

Why ProfitWheel


The ProfitWheel platform is a Marketing Intelligence Platform that allows you to get access to strategic and actionable insights in seconds that are just not possible with other software products.


We embrace transparency. Our tech enables you to cut through the black box that plagues traditional AI driven ad-tech platforms. Our platform unpacks the insights in a simple, easy to digest yet powerful manner for you to make it actionable in seconds.

Privacy First

While we focus on unlocking the value of your 1st Party data, we are obsessed with the privacy and security lens of it. Our technology is focussed on hyper cohorts rather than individuals and hence, not only is pro-privacy but also the most ethical AI when it comes to an ad-tech platform.

Data is the oil that fuels the ProfitWheel AI engine

Consistently delivering profit as a service by acquiring, retaining and growing the right customers using digital advertising at its core. By using customer data to power the intelligence.

Our methodology



Get a deeper understanding of your customers through our comprehensive audience data solution. ProfitBridge helps in analyzing customer data to uncover their interests, affinities and attributes.

Discover your high-value segments via our technology platform & partnerships derived from the advertiser’s own 1st party data.

Convert insights into buyable media, optimize your media spends and increase yield / RoAS.

With ProfitBoost’s media optimization engine, activate across various types of targeting (including Lookalike modeling) powered by data-driven performance maximization..


Best customers in one country are not the same as the best customers in another. Our technology can expand to new international/new markets after gleaning insights from best performing segments in a mature market.

Exports learnings from one channel to another. For example, insights and learnings from Facebook are applied to improve marketing effectiveness and hence ROAS on Snap, Twitter and DV360.



Vivek Bhargava

Vivek Bhargava


Vivek Bhargava is Co-founder of ProfitWheel and is Head - Performance dentsu International (India). He is a Digital Marketing Veteran and a Serial Digital Entrepreneur, with over two decades of experience. He is named as one of the top 50 digital ... Read more

gautam mehra

Gautam Mehra


Gautam has been a veteran in the digital Advertising domain for two decades now. His last role was Chief Data & Product Officer for the Dentsu International - APAC and CEO of Dentsu Programmatic wherein he is spearheading the programmatic and data story for the Group in the region. ...Read more

aman khanna

Aman Khanna


Having spent his career in digital advertising in corporate America, it has spanned, buying, selling and eventually measuring it. Aman began at iProspect (SEM), moving into management roles at Yahoo!, followed by a leadership position at startup ... Read more


Looking to join a startup that is disrupting and revolutionizing the adtech / martech space? ProfitWheel is looking for hungry, entrepreneurial mindsets willing to wear multiple hats and hit the ground running. If you know the digital advertising industry, and question the way the eco system is compensated, goaled and measured - reach out to us. Our goal is to make digital advertising more relevant, intelligent and marry the silos of CRM (advertiser 1st party data) with media buying - if that strikes a chord, we would love to hear from you.

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